What should I wear to a class?2020-12-03T02:42:40+10:00

Wear comfortable active wear that you might usually wear for a gym session such as leggings, shorts or singlets. We prefer loose or stretchy clothing that doesn’t restrict the body while flowing and to wear something warmer during meditation.

As with most studios, we ask you to please remove your shoes and socks and place them under the bench seats before entering the room.

What should I bring to class?2020-12-03T01:35:43+10:00

We normally provide everything you need for class however due to COVID-19, we ask you to please bring your own mat and any other props you’d like to use in your practice.

We have mats and equipment to purchase in studio if there is something new you’d like to add to your practice.

Remember to bring warm energy and a smile to every class!

What is your refund policy?2020-12-03T01:17:58+10:00
What class should I attend?2020-12-03T02:46:27+10:00

If you’re new to yoga or looking for a slow moving class, we recommend attending a Gentle Yoga or General Yoga class which caters for students of all ages and stages. These classes focus on the foundation postures, finding alignment and building awareness of the breath.

Please know there is never any pressure from our teachers to be able to do every posture or complete every flow sequence, our classes are designed to encourage your mind and body to deeply relax

Read more about what classes we offer to see which might suit your ability.

Is there parking at the studio?2020-12-03T02:48:21+10:00
Is it okay if I’ve never done yoga before?2020-12-03T02:40:36+10:00

Absolutely! Our studio is a safe space for everyone to practice in and we welcome all students no matter their level of practice.

It’s important to remember that every body is different so be kind to yourself, don’t force anything and know that it’s okay to stay within your limits. Our teachers are there to guide you through the sequences and have been practicing for years, so remember not to push your body into poses to be exactly like them.

We understand that new things can be daunting but keep in mind that every yogi was new to the art of yoga and to the Miami Yoga Room once before too.

Check out our new member offer and ongoing membership options on our pricing page.

I’m pregnant, is it safe to practice?2020-12-03T01:47:28+10:00

For your own safety, please consult your doctor before participating in any physical activity.

We recommend that you arrive early to class so you can update your teacher about how you’re feeling and any limitations you might be experiencing, our teachers can offer modifications and transitions to ensure your practice is safe for you and your growing bump.

Please keep in mind that we do not currently offer pre-natal yoga classes however we do suggest General Yoga or Gentle Yoga.

If you have any questions, please call us at the studio or drop by to chat to our teachers about how we can support you.


How early should I arrive to class?2020-12-03T01:47:18+10:00

You should arrive at least ten minutes before class.

We ask you to please remember to turn off your mobile phone, be mindful of noise if there is a class in session and respect other students who are practicing mediation before classes start.


How does billing work?2020-12-03T01:16:09+10:00
Do you have shower facilities?2020-12-03T02:48:42+10:00
Do you have any introductory offers?2020-12-03T02:47:55+10:00

Yes, we offer new students a one time purchase of 7 days of unlimited for $30.

This pass allows new students to visit the studio, connect with other yogis and attend any of the classes that suit your schedule.

Inquire by filling out our contact form or dropping by the studio to find out more.

We love welcoming new yogis to the studio and are excited to meet you!

Do I need to book a class?2020-12-03T01:19:55+10:00

There is no need to book a class, simply print your name on the sign in sheet and scan your tag at the studio reception.

Can my partner use my yoga pass?2020-12-03T01:16:41+10:00
Can I put my membership on hold?2020-12-03T01:14:34+10:00

This depends on what pass or membership you have.

Our Month Unlimited membership has one freeze for a maximum of 5 days while our 3 Month Unlimited membership has three freezes for a maximum of 14 days.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?2020-12-03T03:41:31+10:00

Yes! This is the perfect gift for that one person in your life who loves to practice strength while finding harmony. With a class for every body, we know they’ll love a moment to refresh and relax.

Drop by the studio to find out more and purchase a Miami Yoga Room gift certificate.

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