Jess Kidman

Jess is a loving mother to three young boys and a devoted student of yoga on and off the mat.   Her style of teaching is strong and free-flowing, encouraging students to challenge themselves, open up space in their bodies, and calm their noisy minds.  Jess has completed studies in yoga philosophy, bio-science, and foreign languages, and has an unquenchable thirst for learning.  She inspires students to always live for the moment, find the fun in life, and follow the path of yoga; the path to self-realisation and peaceful existence.

Sophie Sisko

Sophie is a passionate yoga teacher with training and experience in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, as well as Meditation, Mantra and Pranayama practices.  She loves to intertwine physical health with yogic philosophy, making each class an exploration into overall wellbeing.

Sophie found yoga almost a decade ago and has since experienced ongoing positive shifts in her physical and mental health thanks to the practice.  Her journey eventually led her to teaching.

Sophie focusses on mindful movement practices that connect students to their own inner-self using intentional movement linked with breath.  Her classes are flowing and creative with a gentleness that welcomes all levels.

Mari Coutinho

One of the most dedicated practitioners we know, Mari has dived head first into the world of yoga and displays a burning passion to share the practice with everyone around her.

Born in Brazil, she moved to Australia to get out of her comfort zone.  She fell in love with yoga while doing her first 108 Sun Salutations, and has been on a journey of self-discovery ever since.  Her teachings are focused on breath and body awareness, as well as deep presence.  She aims to help students understand themselves through conscious movement, in order to live healthier and happier lives.

Jaime Marino

Jaime has years of yoga experience both as a practitioner and teacher.

After the birth of her third daughter, she came back to her mat with renewed passion and the realisation that the yogic path was the one for her.  A deep spiritual being and a compassionate soul, Jaime effortlessly weaves philosophy and spiritual teachings into her classes.  She teaches to specific outcomes, leaving students feeling grounded connected, stable, calm and alive.

One thing Jaime loves most about yoga is sharing it with the community, and with her knowledge of different lineages and styles, she has a lot to share.

Rachel De Marchi

Rachel is a Canadian expat, mum of two and a high school teacher. Yoga has guided her to live, teach and parent from the heart. She has a background in mixed martial arts and enjoys helping athletes and teens discover the healing benefits of yoga. Her classes are all taught with the sankalpa of being in the present and are inclusive to all levels and body types.

Lyndal Benadretti

On my personal health journey, I found yoga. Yoga immediately felt like a missing piece to a puzzle. As my study of the teachings deepened, so did my practice on and off the mat. In realising yoga is far more than just a physical practice, I was able to sink deeper into my role as a teacher. Following the guidance of my teacher, I will forever be a student, but I find joy and purpose in teaching Vinyasa and Yin style yoga, always with detail and some humour. Alongside regular classes, teacher trainings and events, I also teach workshops on yoga alignment, asana progression and really any topics requested by students! I offer my students a very open and honest space to be vulnerable and curious with the belief that discernment is powerful!

Emmi-Sofia Kangas

Emmi is a loving Mum to her beautiful baby girl, wife to her husband, and yoga teacher to many. Her interests span across all fields related to health, yoga and wellness, and she has degrees in physiotherapy and health coaching. From her extensive knowledge and experience, she has adopted a holistic approach to health, which she incorporates into her teaching.

Emmi completed her yoga teacher training five years ago in India, which was a transformative and enriching experience. Since then she has travelled to and completed trainings in Bali and Finland. Emmi is skilled at passing on teachings that are relevant both on and off the mat, and her teaching style is intuitive, heart felt, and compassionate; all qualities that she tries to cultivate in her daily life.

Saffron Ritzmann

20 years ago, after attending her first class on the Gold Coast, Saffron fell deeply in love with the practice of yoga. She has always struggled with an inflexible body, but loves that yoga is not a competition, rather a personal journey. She believes the goal or purpose of a yoga practice is to accept yourself as you are in the present moment, working consciously and moving mindfully towards your edge.

Saffron completed yoga teacher training in 2018 in Bali. Her first teaching job was in Cambodia, after which point she returned to Victoria to continue her teaching journey. She taught in Byron Bay in 2022, and has recently returned to the Gold Coast to live and work. She also works as a massage and beauty therapist, which has given her a deep understanding of the physical body, the importance of self care, and the many benefits that yoga delivers.

Sam Barrie

Sam is a devoted practitioner of yoga both on and off the mat. Sam’s yoga journey started around eight years ago and since then, her love and commitment to the practice has flourished. Sam describes yoga as her constant; a cornerstone that she always returns to which offers a powerful means of self expression, comfort and a connection to spirituality. She has a deep love for yogic philosophy and the infinite wisdom and knowledge to learn, unlearn and share. It is this knowing and commitment to being both a teacher and forever student that ignites and cements her connection and devotion to yoga. Sam offers a steady practice, imbued with Vedic wisdom and sequenced to guide students towards a specific energetic outcome. Experience a seamless blend of movement and pranayama, accompanied by periods of stillness to allow time for observation of body, mind and breath. Expect to leave practice with Sam feeling energised, stable and grounded.

Lucia Tabacco

Lucia is an experienced and passionate student and teacher of yoga. From completing a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science at the University of Milan, to following her heart’s desire to study and teach yoga in Barcelona, she is certainly driven and committed to helping people find the right path to holistic health and wellness. With over five years of teaching experience and a RYT500 qualification, she has so much to offer the community and world at large. From soft grounding flows, to spicy Vinyasa classes, to intelligent and informed workshops, Lucia delivers with her authentic Italian flair. Join Lucia for guidance and wisdom on how to progress your yoga practice and take ownership of your health and happiness.



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